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Product name : Aluminum Oxide air abrasion
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 Product information
1. the Air abrasion master use  aluminum  Oxide powder, For porcelain, resin, fiber posts and brackets etc. including the metal surface uniform micro roughening treatment, to improve the adhesive strength;
2. the Air abrasion master made of high quality stainless steel and special wear-resistant metal materials, durable, design ergonomic, assembly tolerance accuracy, can effectively improve the service life of the product and precision.

product application
1. Extraoral application: used for cleaning and coarsening of the surface before bonding.
Metal / porcelain crown;
Fiber post;
Inlay / high inlay;
Maryland Bridge;
Orthodontic brackets and stents;
The removal of the original cement adhesive layer two times before bonding;
Defect detection of metal casting repair body.
2. intraoral applications: surface microcoarsening in the treatment of porcelain or resin restorations.

Product installation
The Air abrasion master by direct supply of dental unit, turn off the water of dental unit before Use, will be connected with the handpiece tube connector.
(as with a transparent hose supply pipe, if not required, can be disassembled, the metal supply connector into the Air abrasion master the tail of the handle can be tightened.)

Safety tips
1. in the course of use, the operator must wear a mask and a goggle, and the patient must wear a goggle.
2. pressure air straight to the gums and exposed dental pulp sandblasting will lead to bubble embolism, so when applied to the mouth, it is recommended to use a rubber dam and a strong suction system.
3. if the Air abrasion master accidentally dropped again, should be checked bottle and nozzle before use, if damaged, should be replaced immediately, when stop use must disconnect air;
4. the Air abrasion master recommended 30-90 m high purity alumina sand powder, and no caking damp;
5. alumina powder injection powder should not be higher than the maximum range defined by the bottle. When the capacity is lower than the 1/3 bottle, the air supply should be closed immediately and the sand powder should be filled in time。

In the case of blockage:
1. blocked nozzles in a few seconds
The nozzle can be dredging clean.
2. Move the sand bottle, USE 15 # wire respectively dredging nozzle and sand hole and the air inlet, then screw on the sand bottle, the air pressure to the maximum (6.0kgf/cm -), using compressed air to dredge;
3. if all of the above methods can not be solved, please contact the local distributors or send them back to the factory immediately.

The blast cleaning machine warranty for 1 years. The attached and man-made damage is not within the scope of free warranty. The manufacturer of unauthorized dismantling has the right to no longer provide free warranty.

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