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Product name : Dental unit
Item : ST-D560
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ST-D560 Dental Unit NEW


●Luxury patient chair with safety system: 1 set

●Seamless PU cushion: 1 set

●Water unit box with white painting: 1 set

●Instrument tray: 1 set

●Main switch for water/air/power: 1 set

●Foot controller, 4-way joystick: 1 set

●3-way syringe (hot/cold water): 2 sets

●LED operating light with sensor: 1 set

●Left & Right armrest: 1 set

●Imported medical grade pipeline: 1 set

●Double articulate headrest: 1 set

●Assistant system: 1 set

●602# doctor stool: 1 set

●LED film viewer: 1 set

●9 programs control system: 1 set

●Pure water system: 1 set

●Removable ceramic spittoon: 1 set

●Built-in floor box: 1 set



●Sewed eco-leather cushion

●Top mounted instrument tray

●Central suction system with place selection valve

●Imported 3-way syringe (hot/cold water)

●Endoscope system

●Imported electric motor (with straight head & contra-angle head)

●4-holes high speed handpiece (imported/domestic)

●4-holes low speed handpiece (imported/domestic)

●LED curing light (imported/domestic)

●EMS scaler

●Automatic cup filler with sensor

●Intelligent self-detect system

●601# assistant stool

●Imported suction pump

●Oil-less compressor



●Power/voltage --------- a.c.220 V-230 V/50 Hz

●Water pressure -------- 0.2-0.6 MPa

●Air pressure ----------- 0.5-0.8 MPa

●Air output volumn ----- 55 L/min

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