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Product name : Oral Simulation Practice System
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Therapy Machine Parts
1.3-way syinge, suction system, high and low-speed handpiece
2.Strong and weak controls can adjustable operation shadowless lamp. A set of rotating lamp arm.
3.Can be reserved folding multimedia interface (hidden audioideo interface)
4. Lifting movable doctor seat, pneumatic lift, with casters, back and so on
5.A water storage system(Can be internal or external water supply according user needed ), a set of wastewater collection sy stem
6.Foot switch set: you can control the movement of high-speed handpiece and low- speed handpiece
7.Manually adjust the phantom head 0 -90 degrees.
8. Operation station size ≥4000MM*450MM*650MM.

Phantom head
1.The jaw forward condoyle Angle 40°
2.Distance between the head on both sides of the condyle Lateral condyle Angle 25°
3.Distance between the head on both sides of the condyle 135mm
4.Open height 50mm(Can be adjustable)
5.Rotation Angle of head around 45° ,front and back10/45°
6.Mask: Import silicon material, flexible, anti-aged.( can be reserved drain according the demands)
7.Skull: ULC health profile of casting forming, the resistance to fight.
8.Articulator: Aluminum alloy die-casting molding, smooth surface, aluminum alloy surface is using painting process.
9.Teeth Model: Removable soft gum,soft tongue,removable teeth.
10.Phantom head can equipped with a variety of oral teaching models
11.Can be used for each subject for themselves models or teeth. Match up with it silicon rubber mould and connector to practice it can make the gypsum model are made from separate teeth to practice in phantom head
12. Shoulder: highly simulation human body resistance to impact, used the ULC health profile.

Desktop parts
1.Medical stainless steel desktop (smooth, fire, anti-corrosion, impact), size can be produced on request
2.The Table is a steel structure, use the high-density fire paint materials, can withstand cleaning and disinfection without deformation, no acute angle. Durable, with a soft color moderate, ergonomic design requirements.
3. Configure a foldable power outlet: one for each group of two, one for three (all hidden).
4.Power: AC 220V50Hz; gas source: air pressure 0.55MPa.
5. Desk size ≥900MM*600MM*820MM.
6. It can match the dust absorption system according to oral clinical teaching practice requirements.

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